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feb 2004 R.A.M.
TV-interview with Moniek Toebosch on becoming the director of DasArts, Advanced Research in Theatre and Dance Studies.
2002 Les Douleurs Contemporaines V / public sounds for private spaces
Installation and audio CD for Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde Leiden.
may 2001 deVraagmuur Breda
Site for electronic questioning lightwall; artwork in public space in Breda, the Netherlands.
Jury review oeuvre-prize Dutch Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture.
dec 2000 MONIEK TOEBOSCH / ARCHIEF 1948 – 2000
Oeuvre cd-rom in occasion of the Oeuvre Prize of the Foundation for visual Art, Design and Architecture.
nov 2000 Welkom gaat U zitten... Moniek Toebosch exposeert
Volkskrant, 14 dember 2000 / interview by Bob Witman
2000 Toebosch at eyestorm collection
Small Portrait of Moniek Toebosch
1999 Paradise / The Divine Comedy
Paradise is designed by Moniek Toebosch. Driving on a dyke in Holland from Enkhuizen to Lelystad, the air is filled with singing of angels, so real that even the most ardent nonbeliever will admit that these heavenly creatures are no product of imagination, the really exist. For Toebosch, God is a top-designer, who only needed six days to create heaven and earth, and see that it was good.
1994 _ 2000 Engelen / Angels 98.0 FM
Art in public space along the dike between Enkhuizen - Lelystad.
1994 _ 2000 Engelen / Angels 98.0 FM
Explanation of the work.
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Overview of video's Toebosch at archive Montevideo / Timebased Arts, amsterdam.
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